Hello Again!

Hi everbody! Wow it`s been a super long time since I`ve posted and I really miss writing on my blog and viewing all of your great comments that you write! A lot has happened since I`ve last posted! I just started high school and I am getting a new little puppy tomorrow, I am so excited! As I have mentioned before I have another dog at home already named Angel and she is already almost four years old, I can`t believe it! Tomorrow I also find out if I make it into the semifinals of Valley Idol!!! Which is very exciting for me and I am really hoping I can win this time because this is my second time auditioning and I think I have improved a lot!

So that is all for now, but please keeping posting more comments because I will be checking regularily! Bye for now!

Looking Back (my reflection of grade 6)!

Hello Readers

Can you believe that it’s summer in just 2 weeks now?!  I know I can’t!  It feels like I just started grade six and now it’s ending so soon!  I’ve had lots of great memories from grade 6, so many it would take a long long time to write about all of them but I would like to share some of my favorites!

Hornby Camp!

Hornby camp was something we did in the very beginning of the year all the way back to September.  All of the grade sixes not just my class went to go camping there, we all had to ride on a ferry, pack our bags with camping stuff and cookies for the campfire.  When we got there we had to set up tents, which was interesting.  Chaeyoon, Brittany, Brianne, and I all slept in the same tent so we had to figure out how to set it up which was hard but fun!  We stayed there for 3 days and we did really cool stuff like the climbing tower, rock climbing, kayaking, fun games, a trip to Lunar Beach, and more!  The workers there prepared all of our meals and desserts, and at night time we would have a campfire and sing songs and have a cookie and hot chocolate.  And right when it was bedtime Chaeyoon, Brittany, Brianne, and I stayed up and told scary stories, which was definitely my favorite part of all!

Howling Halloween Happening!

Well of course we did this on Halloween day!  Everybody was dressed in there costume, I wore the awesome dead cheerleader costume of course which I made, it really was fun!  This all happened in the afternoon at 12:30 each of us was assigned a group and a station including: bowling for ghosts, spooky computer games, Halloween art, Halloween bingo, and the secret door for twenty minutes each!  Overall I think everybody had a great time! 


So these were my favorite parts of the year and there will be more to come next year!  Wait I almost forgot, what was your school year like, please write me a comment or even a post about it because I would love to find out!  Anyway I hope you had a great year, and that your summer will be awesome too!  Until next time…Thanks for reading!


Soccer Tips #3

Hello Readers!

Have you already read my posts “Soccer Tips”, and “Soccer Tips #2”?  Well in those posts it’s kind of obvious but I wrote about soccer tips.  I love writing about stuff I like to do, and I also like helping people, so that’s why I am writing this post, hopefully it will help!  I am very experienced in soccer because I have been playing around seven or eight seasons now!  But I couldn’t have learned to play soccer well without these tips, so if anyone is interested in playing soccer I won’t make you wait any longer, here are the tips!

  1. This one is definitely the most important, teamwork.  Soccer is as you know a team sport and as people say there is no “I” in team.  Because you can’t just hog the ball and not pass it, it’s a team effort, everybody has to work together, if your not really a team kind of person you should probably check out a different sport because the word “team” is very important in this game.
  2. Passing the ball is also a skill you need in soccer.  When passing make sure you pass with the inside of your foot, this is totally different from kicking the ball, if you use your toe there is no telling where the ball might roll off to!  Just remember, not to use your toe!
  3. Dribbling the ball.  When you are running up the field with the ball you have to make sure you have control of it or someone could take it from you just like that!  You might know the word dribbling from basketball where you are using your hands.  Dribbling in soccer is almost the same, you just use your feet, you kick from foot to foot almost like your passing to yourself.  It takes some practise but don’t worry you will catch on quick!
  4. Have fun!  I mean if you are having fun and doing your best at soccer, or anything you do that’s what counts right?!  You don’t have to be the fastest one on the team, or the strongest kicker, just go out there and enjoy the game!

So have these tips maybe helped you a bit?  I hope so, and if you have and questions just feel free to comment and ask!  Until next time…Thanks for reading!


What Kind Of Job Would You Do?

Hello Readers

Have you ever thought of what job(s) you would like to do when you grow up?  Well I know exactly what I wanted to be ever since a was a little baby!  Actress! 

I would love to be an actress because for one thing I definitely have a talent for it, and it is such a great, and fun thing to do!  As I mentioned before in one of my other posts I am sending head-shots (pictures of myself and face) to children’s acting agencies for work there.  I am also very experienced in acting because I have been in many plays before, and I have performed not only in plays but in dance recitals and singing competitions (such as Valley Idol, I made it to the Semi Finals on my first try)!  I also think it would be kind of cool to be on a TV show or movie because it would be like people knowing me everywhere I go, I mean how convenient is that!

Now that I have told you what I want to be I have a question for you!  What would you be?  There are so many choices out there and I found exactly the one  that worked for me, but here are some jobs I was kind of tied with

  • Vet- I mean who could not love animals, unless they were allergic of course, but wouldn’t saving a cute little kitty or puppy put a smile on your face at the end of the day?!
  • Singer- If I haven’t told you before already I love to sing, sing, sing!  It was a hard decision, but acting beat singing, of course!

Yeah, that was hard but…Acting rules over everything, Everything!  P.S when I do become a famous actress be sure to watch my shows, after all fans are very important!  Until next time…Thanks for reading!



Arts Umbrella…It’s Raining Photos!

Hello Readers

Do you enjoy taking photographs?  Well I know I do, and for the past two weeks my class and I have had the pleasure of working with people from Arts Umbrella!  Oh, you don’t know what Arts Umbrella is?  OK than, Arts Umbrella is a wonderful school for arts, and two people from Arts Umbrella came to my school and my classroom to show us part of what they do, photographing!  Josh and Fraziska from Arts Umbrella taught us how to use MotionSequence, something on your computer that allows you to take pictures with this tiny camera and make them into real works of art!

We were allowed to play around with MotionSequence for a while, but than we started focusing on taking pictures mainly on electricity because that is what my class has been learning about this term in science.  We had to take lots of pictures and than chose our favorite one and than make it big on the screen.  After we did that we would walk around the room with a couple of sticky notes and a pencil and find pictures that caught our eye and critique them.  This meant writing suggestions, what you like about it specificly, making connections, and other things that would help that person and picture to improve. 

I got so much helpful feedback, and I was and am very proud of my work and now I would like to show you my favorite picture I have taken with MotioSequence. 

Now before I forget I would just like to give a huge thank you on behalf of me and my class to Josh and Franziska, they have worked so hard and taught us all so much, I couldn’t have had this great experience if they didn’t come to my class.  I really feel quite lucky and I hope you had fun working with me and my class because I know we had a great time working with you!  Thanks so much!


5 Things on my Bucket List!

Hello Readers

Everybody has things they want to do before they die right?  Well people sometimes make things called bucket lists of things they want to do before they “kick the bucket”.  Well I actually have five things on mine and in this post today I would like to share with you what they are, not in any order here they are:

  1. Become a famous actress- I have always had a passion for acting and it is my dream to become a famous actress.  I have been in many school plays before and soon I will be in Rainbow Youth Theater acting there, my mom has taken lots of head shots of me and I am sending them all to children’s acting agencies for work there, I am so excited!
  2. Own my own animal shelter- I love animals so much and I go to my local animal shelter lots of times, the things they do there for the animals I think is very heroic, I just hope one day I could work along with those amazing people!
  3. Go on Canadian Idol- OK you probably already know this but I just love to sing sing sing, I really enjoy it!  I have just recently competed in a local singing competition called Valley Idol, and I had so much fun putting my talent out there and showing people what I can do, and to be on Canadian Idol would be a huge accomplishment for me!
  4. Go bungee jumping- Well this thing you might not know about me, I have always loved trying new and crazy things, and well bungee jumping sure sounds like a new and crazy thing to me!  Once I try it, if I survive I’ll let you know how it went!
  5. Travel around the world- I love traveling and exploring new places and I always have, and to travel around the whole world would be so great, I hope one day I will actually do that!

Well those are all the things on my bucket list, so now lets here yours!  Please comment and let me know, I can’t wait to here!  Until next time…Thanks for reading!



When people hear the word hero they usually think superheroes, Batman, Spiderman, or Superman.  Well heroes can also be ordinary people sometimes even people you know. Heroes are people who inspire you and who you look up to, kind of like role models.


Everybody has a hero and sometimes that hero may just be a cartoon character, or it could be a famous person like Miley Cyrus lots of people seem to think of her as their hero, or your hero could be your president, those people are the kinds that can inspire you.  Maybe your dad is your hero, an ordinary person but does things that are hero like.  Heroes are everywhere you just have to take the time to look.


You can be a hero too.  Some ways to be a hero are: Helping someone when they are hurt, cleaning up litter, not wasting water, those are all things real heroes do to help their community and the world.  Being a hero is a big responsibility but it is great to be one, it’s not like you have to save someone from a fire or anything, but just doing those small things every day will make you a real hero.


If you watch your community closely you will see everybody is a hero, and they all pitch in to make their community and the world a better place to live in.  Like I said heroes are everywhere you just have to take the time to look.

Photo Credits:

Spider-Man by TCM Hitchhiker

The Legend of the Batman by TCM Hitchhiker 

My 5 Favourite Singers

Hello Readers

Everybody has a favorite singer right?  Well I have five, and I am going to tell you them in no exact order.  Here are my 5 favorite singers.

  1. Jordin Sparks
  2. Rihanna
  3. Miley Cryrus
  4. Carrie Underwood
  5. Mariah Carrey

These are my favorite singers, do you have any?  Please leave a comment and let me know!  Until next time…Thanks for reading!


My Appreciation for the Earth

Hello Readers, and Happy Earth Day!

As you know today April the 22 is Earth Day!  For those who don’t know Earth Day is a day in the year that we appreciate the Earth by doing healthy stuff for the earth like turning off the lights (saving electricity), Litter-less lunch (where we bring garbage free lunch to school, work, etc), cleaning up litter in parks, and forests, and other earth friendly things.

Well yesterday my class went outside in solos to take time to appreciate the earth.  Some people went into the forest and other people sat on the grass and appreciated the sky.  Well I thought I would go and appreciate a tree.  Not just any tree, a tree that I used to always climb, a tree I would rest under for shade when the sun got to hot, a tree that I appreciate for everything it has given me.  I decided that I would write a poem about this wonderful tree to show that I truly do appreciate everything it has given me.

A chilling breeze blows, it’s leaves sway back and forth in the chilling wind.

Two birds stay nestled in their nests while the branch beneath holds nice and strong like a weight lifter.

A loud cry comes from one of the birds, it seems to be thanking the tree for holding them so they can protect their fragile eggs from the strong wind.

The tree just stays silent.

A spider crawls inside the hollow tree, and whispers thank you to the tree for the shelter it has provided for him.

The tree just stays silent.

I walk closer to the tree and I whisper “thank you, for everything you have given me”.

The tree whispers back “Your welcome”.

And than stays silent once again.

Photo Credits:

Love Your Motherby Cayusa




Sport Survey!

Hello Readers

Do you love to play sports?  Well if you do what is your favorite one?

I have always loved to play sports, and I know lots of other people do to!  But something I’ve always wondered is what is the favorite sport?  I know that people usually have one favorite sport like I know my favorite is soccer, but now I would like to try something new!  So I decided I will make a sports survey!  And whichever sport scores the highest in my survey is the one I will try!  So just leave a comment saying your favorite sport out of the choices below.

Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Baseball, Badminton, Golf, Football.

…..What is your favorite?

Photo Credits:

chilling with my buds by mischiru

a retiring telstar by loquistics

basketgolf by amin tabrizi